Healthy ageing for women

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Hi, I’m Dr Rhonda Anderson, a Brisbane-based exercise physiologist specialising in women’s health and healthy ageing.

Why I started Fit and Well

Three reasons

First, I don’t think older women’s health gets enough attention. Until recently there wasn’t even much research in this area, so it’s been hard for women to educate themselves. I wanted to create a business where older women’s needs are front and centre.
Second, too many women miss out on precious years of their life because of disease and disability. They commit so much of themselves to others, and when finally it can be their turn, many are dealing with chronic illness. As the research shows though, we can do a lot to prevent this.
Third, I’m an exercise physiologist and for decades I’ve been struck by the difference that exercise and movement can make, mentally as well as physically. It’s like a wonder drug. Yet most older women either don’t do it, don’t do enough of it, or don’t do what they need.

To sum up, I wanted to provide education and exercise for older women, to give them choices in how they live the second half of their lives.

Problems I solve

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Life After Menopause

5 Key Habits of Healthy, Vital Older Women

Our older years can be some of the best of our lives, as long as we’re healthy. So what does it take to be a healthy, vital older woman?
Good habits.

This book outlines those habits and steps you through them. It includes interviews with women who’ve successfully put them into practice, and a quiz to help you identify what you need to focus on.
I’ve had women tell me it’s their bible.

Listen to 'The #1 Habit of Vibrantly Healthy Older Women
- and How to Develop it'

Blog posts

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Arteries are like hoses in that they can get stiff and hard. It’s called ‘vascular ageing’ but it’s about lifestyle as well as age.
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Cholesterol is vital to the function of our body. So how does something so essential turn into ‘plaque’?
Lovely Group Of Three Active Senior Woman On Their 60s Walking,

Women, ageing, hearts & arteries Part 3: How to keep our arteries healthy

There’s a range of ways we can preserve them, and the challenge is to put together an approach that suits us.

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