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Ruth Frith

Ruth Frith

Brisbane great-grandmother Ruth Frith came to public attention when she won the shot put event for women aged 75 and over at the (2009) World Masters Games in Sydney. Ruth is 100 years old, trains five days a week and bench presses 35kgs.

She told reporters the secret of her longevity was not drinking, smoking or eating vegetables. In fact, she said, she doesn’t like vegetables and hasn’t eaten them since she was a kid!

Ruth played hockey as a girl and raised an athletic daughter, Helen, who competed in the long jump and high jump in the 1960 Olympics and the long jump and pentathlon in the 1964 Olympics, and won silver medals in the two jumping events at the 1962 Commonwealth Games.

At age 74, Ruth decided it was her turn, and she began competing in veterans’ jumping, running and throwing events. Helen now also competes in World Masters throwing events.


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